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Pictures of Tashkent

Pictures of Khast Imam mosque, Tashkent

Tashkent Pictures
Facade of old Khast Imam mosque building
Tashkent Photos
Decorations of Khast Imam mosque in Tashkent
Tashkent Images
Azure dome of Khast Imam mosque complex, Tashkent

Decorations of Khast Imam mosque

Decorations of Khast Imam mosque's roof

Khast Imam mosque, Tashkent

Khast Imam mosque's dome

Khast Imam mosque entrance

Facade of Khast Imam mosque

Khast Imam mosque's minaret

Khast Imam Mosque, Tashkent

Old building of Khast Imam mosque

Summer's sun rising above Khast Imam mosque

Khast Imam mosque

Old minaret located near the Khast Imam mosque

Entrance to Khast Imam mosque

Tower of Khast Imam mosque

Old Khast Imam mosque building

Wall decoration of Khast Imam mosque

Ornamets of Khast Imam mosque

Wooden doors of Khast Imam mosque

Photos of Kukeldash madrasah, Tashkent

Kukeldash madrasah located near Chorsu hotel in Tashkent

Kukeldash madrasah in Tashkent

Tower of Kukeldash madrasah

Decorations of Kukeldash madrasah

Chorsu Hotel and Kukeldash Madrasah

Tower Decorations of Kukeldash Madrasah

Kukeldash madrasah and Chorsu Hotel

Images of Djuma mosque, Tashkent

Djuma mosque

Entrance to Djuma mosque

Facade of Djuma mosque

Pictures of Catholic and Christian churches in Tashkent

Catholic church, Tashkent

Christian church, Tashkent

Pictures of Tashkent Circus

Facade of Circus, Tashkent

Circus in Tashkent

Pictures of Chorsu bazaar and hotel

Dome of Chorsu bazaar, Tashkent

Chorsu Hotel, Tashkent

Spiral building located near the entrance to Chorsu bazaar

Fontain near Chorsu bazaar in Tashkent

Tashkent's fontain

Chorsu Hotel and Kukeldash Madrasah

Pictures of modern Tashkent

Business center and Intercontinental hotel in Tashkent

Panorama of modern Tashkent

National Bank, Tashkent

Intercontinental Hotel

Modern office building in Tashkent

Pictures of TV Tower, Tashkent

Tashkent's TV Tower

Restaurant located at first level of TV Tower in Tashkent

Pictures of Charvak Lake located near Tashkent

View of Charvak Lake

Charvak Lake located 60 miles away from Tashkent

Resorts on the Charvak Lake

Charvak Lake

Charvak Lake

Beach on the Charvak Lake

Charvak Lake Dam

Hangliding place on the Charvak Lake

Charvak Lake

Paragliding above the Charval Lake

Resorts and Hotels of the Charvak Lake

View of the Charvak town below the dam

Dam of Charvak Lake

Pictures of Chimgan resort located near Tashkent

Big Chimgan Peak (3309 m)

Smal Chimgan Peak (2100 m) and Big Chimgan Peak (3309 m)

Big Chimgan Peak

Near the Big Chimgan Peak

Nature of the Chimgan

Skiing complex in Chimgan

Tourist skiing complex Chimgan located 50 miles away from Tashkent

Beldarsay is also known as good skiing comlex